Art Fraud Expert Investigation

We work with collectors, investors, institutions, insurers, artists and law firms to provide investigative expertise in civil and criminal matters, including investment scams and art fund frauds, price manipulation, misattributions, collusion, kickbacks and auction fraud.

Due Diligence Acquisition Analysis

Investors and institutions deserve every assurance, before making a major acquisition, that their counterparties do not have a history of deception or misrepresentation. We deliver comprehensive dossiers to identify legal, reputational and transactional risks.

Insurance Claims Investigation

We conduct claims investigations for fine art specialty insurers and major carriers of property/casualty and title insurance, to mitigate risks associated with thefts, arson, forgeries, transport, negligence, inflated appraisals, and intentional destruction of insured property.

Litigation Support For Attorneys & Law Firms

From pre-litigation to post-judgment, we provide subject matter expertise, diligent research and clear communication. Our reports are jargon-free and backed by a stack of digital documents. Our services include fraud examination, witness interviews and asset discovery.

Forgery & Counterfeiting Exposing Frauds and Fakes

Not all problems of provenance can be satisfactorily solved with forensic science, microscopic analysis, or the catalogue raisonné. Our investigators are experienced in complex, cross-border investigations and have testified in federal court on trafficking and counterfeiting.

Theft Investigation Recovery and Prosecution

Loss of a priceless instrument, a prized painting, or a treasured antiquity is not just another property crime. To facilitate recovery and coordinate with law enforcement, Art Fraud Advisors leverages experience in the art market and several decades of success as professional investigators.